Downtown and Old North End

Beautiful and historic homes for sale in Colorado Springs

Downtown Colorado Springs is the essence of urban living. Downtown condos and lofts are emerging as attractive living options for those looking to be immersed in the downtown culture. As a generally walkable area, Downtown Colorado Springs offers a variety of locally owned shops and restaurants, along with shopping and art studios.

The immediate Downtown Colorado Springs real estate market is mostly a mix of lofts and condos, with gorgeous single family homes throughout the perimeter. Lofts and condos start around $200k for buildings like Citywalk Downtown Lofts with the luxury Downtown Colorado Springs lofts and condos priced around $550k – $1m. For that money, you can enjoy the posh loft lifestyle of communities like Two Eight West Condominiums and Colorado Springs Music Building Lofts.

If lofts and condos aren’t your thing, but you love historic homes, consider the Old North End.

The Old North End sits, as you may have guessed, at the North end of downtown. These historic homes were built in the late 1800s and beyond, and are a mix of larger estates mixed with smaller homes between. Quite a few are on the National Register!

Old North End homes are beautiful, but they come at a cost. It is unusual to find an Old North End house for less than $200k, which is on the pricey side for Colorado Springs in General. However, if you’re into history and quaint details, the Old North End in Colorado Springs might just be for you!

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Real Estate Market Stats and Map

For the latest Downtown and Old North End real estate market information, see our monthly market reports.

Old North End Market Statistics

Homes in Old North End are diverse and vary in size, amenities, and value and are built between the late 1800s and the mid-1950s. This neighborhood is in Downtown Colorado Springs (generally) and in the far SE section of  80907 and immediately north of Downtown proper. Single family homes sell for between about $200,000 for a small one-bedroom to over $1m for a 12,000sf house and homes generally sell in 1-2 months, with higher end homes (over $500k) taking much longer to sell. (MLS data Jan-Jun 2017)

Downtown Proper Colorado Springs Market Statistics

Downtown Colorado Springs includes all areas of zip code 80903 and is roughly south of Fillmore St. / Constitution Ave., East of I-25, North of E. Fountain Blvd and West of N. Union Blvd. These areas (to include Old North End) are remarkably diverse and offer homes of all types, sizes and price ranges. Downtown “proper” is a smaller sub-section of Downtown and falls loosely within the SW corner of the Downtown boundaries, directly south of Old North end, and not extending further east than about Institute Street. Homes that sell in Downtown (proper) are a good mix of condos, lofts and single family homes. Condos/lofts are generally about 1,000 sf with one bedroom and sell for between about $260k – $770k, taking about 2 weeks- 2 months to sell. Single family homes in this same area are usually just under 2,000 sf with 2-3 bedrooms and sell for between $110k and $600k in about a month, all depending on condition and exact location. (MLS data Jan-Jun 2017)

Downtown and Old North End Neighborhood Boundaries

The Downtown and Old North End neighborhoods of Colorado Springs extend roughly from I-25 (west) to Union Blvd. and Circle Drive (east), Circle Drive (south) and Austin Bluffs (north).


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