Manitou Springs

Rich history and unique setting

Manitou Springs is a quirky area on the West side of Colorado Springs, located between Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods. With winding hillside streets and a downtown historic district full of locally owned shops and restaurants, Manitou Springs provides an eclectic vibe. Follow the roads to find multiple natural spring water fountains that have been historically loved for their healing qualities.

Given the location, many Manitou Springs homes boast gorgeous views of Pikes Peak or Garden of the Gods and offer great hiking within an easy walking distance. Manitou Springs is home to a vibrant artist community as well, which is reflected in the numerous galleries and local art displays.

Though most houses are from the Victorian era in the historic district, you can find many other ages and styles of homes in Manitou Springs. The more suburban communities of Crystal Hills, Crystal Park and Cedar Heights, notably, are upscale, ritzy departures from the funky vibe of Manitou Springs.

The typical Manitou Springs house is anything but – most homes are somewhat small, but packed full with character. You may find an artist bungalow for $165k or a brand new hillside custom home for around $1.5m.

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Real Estate Market Stats and Map

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Manitou Springs Real Estate Market Overview

Only about an average of 5 homes sell each month in Manitou Springs, with more selling in the warmer months and fewer in Winter. The median sales price for a Manitou Springs home is about $400k and that will get you a 3 bedroom house in Crystal Hills built between 1950-1980. Homes take about 2-3 months to sell and sellers get about 98% of asking price with a price-per-square foot of $170.

Manitou Springs Neighborhood Boundaries

Manitou Springs is located to the immediate east of Fort Carson Army Base and south of Colorado Springs.


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