Unless you’re talking about a “tiny home,” having rooms that look small is never good for your home’s value in Colorado Springs. While the minimalist lifestyle is trendy these days, a room that looks small usually won’t be popular with home buyers. With these tips, you can help make your small rooms appear bigger and brighter – and more appealing – than ever.

Think Light and Bright

Dark rooms can be like caves – add some light! You can spread smaller lamps around the room, or add wall sconces or floor lamps to light up dark corners. Replacing old light fixtures with newer fixtures that shine more light can help, as can using higher wattage bulbs.

Consider the Walls

Paint is the best friend of small spaces. It can make the room appear fresh and clean and if you pick the right color, it can help the room appear larger than it actually is. Depending on the size of the room and the available light, consider colors other than white. Remember that light colors advance and dark colors recede, so a dark color could actually make a room seem larger. Don’t forget about the ceiling color too!

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Accessorize carefully

Time to remove the clutter. Be ruthless about what you take out of the room – you may even want to take everything out and only put back in the best of the best items.

Rethink the Furniture Placement

Oversized furniture in a small room can make it feel cramped, but even small furniture that is badly arranged can make the room feel awkward and small. Consider all the different ways the furniture can be arranged, and move things around until there are generous walkways and space around the furniture.