Imagine: You’ve found the perfect buyer for your home in Colorado Springs. The offer was clean, the transaction is all going great. And then… The home inspector finds something wrong with your house. And your previously happy and cooperative buyer is now demanding a long list of repairs. You’re back to negotiating, only this time the buyer’s initial excitement has worn off, and they’re taking a hard line on their demands. This is a thing that actually happens, even when selling a home in Colorado Springs. If you want to avoid surprises when selling your home, consider getting your own home inspection. Here’s why:

1. Prevent delays by finding and fixing the issues before the sale

An inspection will generate a list of what should be repaired. Your buyer’s home inspector will likely find the same stuff. Just fix it now. If you can’t afford to do so, you at least know what is wrong before you start negotiating. You may be able to declare them “as-is” during negotiations. You’ll need to give the buyer a copy of your inspection anyway, to provide full disclosure. Forewarned is forearmed! When everyone knows what to expect from the start, you’ll avoid delays and needless friction later in the sale.

2. Weed out insincere buyers

Some buyers treat the inspection as a “get out of the deal free” card. It isn’t. By getting your own home inspection and providing it to the buyer ahead of time, it will show buyers your good faith to declare the house’s condition, and anyone who is unsure about the condition can read the report and make a choice before they make an offer. You’ll either reassure the confident buyers or weed out the uncertain or insincere buyers. Either way is a win for you!

3. Honesty sells

Home buyers are scared that you’re hiding something from them. You’re strangers, after all, and buying a home is a big deal. Give the buyer your home inspection and it’s an amazing show of good faith that you’re not scared of disclosing the home’s condition and are operating honestly. It may even tip the scales in your favor for a buyer trying to decide between two properties.

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Get the information ahead of time and prepare yourself for repair negotiations. The more you know, the better choices you can make during the entire process of selling your home in Colorado Springs.