When you are looking for a real estate agent in Colorado Springs to help you buy your next home, here are the Top Five things to look for:

1. Ensure the Buyer’s Agent you choose has access to the Pikes Peak MLS and THEIR OWN LOCKBOX KEY. Any agent who doesn’t have those things will only be a great disservice to you. A local Realtor with MLS access and their own lockbox key will not only be able to do a comprehensive search for homes, they’ll be able to SHOW you those homes in Colorado Springs that will fit your needs.

2. Ensure the Buyer’s Agent you pick isn’t too “busy” for you! If you are one of only a handful of active clients that your agent is working with, then it’s much more likely that they’ll have the time to pay attention to you and your needs properly. Trying to get the service you want from someone who doesn’t have time for you will be frustrating. Ensure the agent you pick either has time or has a team. Teams can help Buyer’s Agents support all of their client needs very well, given there are multiple people who can support those needs.

3. Ask friends and family for referrals. Someone who has recently purchased a home in Colorado Springs is most likely to remember who they used and how happy they were with the service and process. Ask some people who represented them, and how well they liked their agent.

4. Talk to more than one Buyer’s agent. Many people only talk with one agent and then go with them. And maybe you found the perfect one in one shot! More likely, you should probably talk to more than one agent, especially before you sign a Buyer Agency agreement. Make sure you LIKE the agent and feel comfortable with both them and their services.

5. Ask for testimonials. A great real estate agent in Colorado Springs should be able to supply you with names and numbers of past clients who are willing to tell you about what it is like to work with that agent. Like hiring any professional to do a job, make sure you check their references!

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More than anything, make sure you have your own Buyer’s Agent. Remember that the listing agent represents the Seller – and usually, the agent holding an open house will represent the seller too! Get someone on YOUR SIDE. Use these 5 tips to help you find the best real estate agent in Colorado Springs for you!