Would you hire an attorney or accountant without asking a few questions first? Maybe get some recommendations from friends and family? Of course you wouldn’t! You have to ask questions and do some diligence when you’re hiring professionals to help you get something done.

Hiring a Buyer’s Agent in Colorado Springs is no different. You know that buying a home can be complicated and stressful. You know you need an expert on your side to represent your best interests at all time. It’s an important decision! Please don’t just hire the first agent you meet.

Do your research. A good Buyer’s Agent will not shy away from questions and will be happy to give you answers. They’ll be completely honest – even if their answers mean you should choose a different agent!

So for your convenience, I’ve compiled this list.

Top Seven Questions to ask a potential Buyer’s Agent in Colorado Springs.

  1. How will you find houses for us to look at? Do you only depend on the MLS or do you have multiple sources?
  2. If I want to look at a home, how much notice do you need? This will help you determine if the agent is too busy to help you the way you want to be helped.
  3. How many clients do you typically work with at any given time? Bear in mind that every agent has a different capacity, and some have extensive teams to help them cover all their clients’ needs.
  4. How long have you lived in Colorado Springs? And how long have you been working in real estate in Colorado Springs? These questions should help you gauge their local market knowledge and experience. You’ll want an agent who knows the housing market well in the areas you are interested in.
  5. If I want to buy a FSBO, will you represent me? Some agents work for brokerages that make this difficult, and some agents just plain don’t like to do it. Some agents won’t do it because they may not get paid as much. You’ll get to determine how you feel about their response.
  6. Once I find the right home, how often will I hear from you while I’m under contract? How will you contact me? Some agents have extensive follow-up and education systems, some don’t. Some home buyers in Colorado Springs want a lot of attention and hand holding, and some don’t. It’s up to you to decide if this agent’s style will work for you.
  7. If I find a home quickly, will you give me some of your commission back after close? This, by the way, is completely illegal. If they say that they’d entertain this, then you need to RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN. An agent willing to do something illegal is someone that you can’t trust. What other shady practices do they have that you may not ask about?

Take the time to find a Buyer’s Agent that meets – and exceeds – your needs. Being comfortable with your agent will pay off in the long run. Asking these questions will help give you confidence and comfort in your choice of agent!